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MySneakerBot is a shoe bot that helps sneaker fanatics to get hands on the limited editions of their favorite sneakers.

This bot has been designed to give you the finest user experience possible and offers lots of exciting features.

Easy Installation and Use

My sneaker bot is very easy to install. You can use it without any trouble and then purchase the favorite limited stock from your favorite sneakers brand.

Buy Without Any Hassle

It helps you buy the limited releases of your favorite sneakers without you having to worry about it.

Never Miss Release Day

This bot is specifically designed for you to never miss the release day of your favorite sneakers. The bot has been personally developed and thoroughly tested in order to give you the best experience. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let the bot do its job.

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Features of Shoe Bot

Free updates for up to 6 months

This bot for sneakers automatically updates itself so as to improve by adding new features and capabilities.

Full proxy support

This bot gives full proxy support. While using proxies and servers, you'll be able to cop multiple items really quickly without getting banned by any website.

Auto checkout

MySneakerBot will keep trying to checkout until successful even if the website crashes. You need to sit back and relax because the bot will automatically handle the checkout process.

Auto Captcha

The shoe bot also passes through the auto captcha process without any trouble.

Autry retry on failure

When there’s limited edition listed on the shoe’s website, chances are that the website will crash. With MySneakerBot, you would not have to worry because it will keep trying to checkout until it is successful. It auto retries even on failure.


Multiple tasks can be taken care of with the help of this bot. You can cop for multiple items simultaneously without having to wait for one item to get processed first and then start with another.

Enhanced Scheduling

It offers enhanced scheduling system to its users. You can simply schedule the release dates of your favorite limited editions and then let the bot do its job on the specified date and time.

Supports Numerous Sites

A large number of websites are supported. You can list the websites in the program and shop for the limited editions.

How It Works

It is very easy to install and configure MySneakerBot and whole process takes just few minutes.

Download & Install

Download My Sneaker Bot and then get it installed on your electronic device.

Select Your Website

Select the website you want to shop from and get it included on the bot.

Choose Sneakers

Choose your favorite sneakers. Pick the size, style, and color you want for your sneakers.

Start Copping

Once you have chosen your sneakers, just sit back and relax while the bot does its job.

What Our Customers Say

"This is the best bot in the market. I was auto checked out within few seconds."

Brian Tracy

"This shoe bot is super-fast and really effective. The price is also reasonable. I am impressed!"

Kiara Falls

"This bot has worked out really well for me. I wasn't expecting it to work this well. You should definitely get this bot if you do not want to miss your chance of checking out."

Lara McKenzie

"This sneaker bot is highly recommended because it did not let me miss the latest edition of my favorite shoe brand!"

Peter Jackson

MySneakerBot is for everyone

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